Even though it’s not an SUV or crossover, the upcoming fully-electric Volkswagen ID Buzz has really created a lot of... buzz. Its mix of an electric powertrain, retro-inspired design, advanced tech and just the history of the Microbus are already making seem like a very attractive vehicle, one that’s set to debut next year.

But before its highly-anticipated reveal in 2022, we can already get a pretty good idea of what it looks like thanks to these new photos sent to us by our spies. They show a Buzz prototype winter testing with the least amount of camouflage on it compared to other hidden prototypes that we’ve seen.

Gallery: VW ID Buzz New Spy Shots

In fact, very little is still covered - they covered the badge and the area around the badge, they gave it fake fog lights, and they tried to disguise the actual shape of the front and rear light clusters. But we can see the shape of the windows very clearly now and between this batch of photos and the lightly camouflaged example that VW has showed, the exterior of the Buzz doesn’t really hold any secrets.

The vehicle you see in the photos appears to have had more (white) camouflage in places and that appears to have been ripped off (not completely in some areas), hinting at the fact that VW isn’t really as interested in secrecy around the Buzz as it once was - as mentioned above, the automaker showed an almost completely uncovered Buzz alongside the ID.5 at the latter’s reveal.

Volkswagen ID Buzz Production Rendering

Under the boxy body lies Volkswagen’s now familiar MEB platform that will allow for both rear- and all-wheel drive versions of the Buzz. And since its wheelbase is longer than that of other MEB-underpinned models (3.3 meters or 130 inches), VW has room to give it a larger battery than any other vehicle on the same platform - 111 kWh, with a projected range of up to 600 km (373 miles), according to some sources.

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