Tesla's upcoming Gigafactory in Austin, Texas appears to be nearly complete. Some people who have driven past the factory on Tesla Road have been blown away by its massive footprint, which runs nearly a mile end to end. However, the most important question still remains: When will Tesla officially open the factory for business?

Tesla doesn't plan to deliver any vehicles produced at Giga Texas in 2021, but that doesn't mean the factory won't receive approval and begin gearing up for the months ahead.


Tesla has experienced all sorts of setbacks at its upcoming factory in Germany. However, though it's always difficult to tell from videos and images, it seems Giga Berlin may be closer to complete than Giga Austin. This makes perfect sense since Tesla started construction on the factory in Germany ahead of the one in Texas. Nonetheless, it appears Giga Texas may be set to open soon. In the meantime, there continue to be obstacles related to the opening of the factory in Berlin.

According to a recent report from Teslarati, Tesla may be ready to start production at the Texas factory soon. The information came from recent filings with the Texas Appraisal Review Board. In fact, according to the filings, which were originally tweeted out by @MarcoRPTesla on Twitter, Tesla submitted paperwork for multiple facilities, and they've already been registered with the review board.


The filings apply to approval for Giga Austin's five primary sections, including Body in White, Stamping, General Assembly, Casting, and Paint. It seems the filings were submitted and registered all on the same day, November 19, 2021. Now, they must wait for official approval from the review board.

According to the documents, Tesla's date for completion of all five facilities is listed as December 31, 2021. This comes as no surprise since Tesla revealed during its Q3 Earnings Conference Call that it wouldn't likely deliver any cars from the factories in Texas or Germany before the end of 2021.

Production at Giga Austin will begin with the Model Y crossover, though it will take some time for the facility to ramp up. The Tesla Cybertruck is set to follow toward the end of 2022. 

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