The Toyota RAV4 Prime is a very compelling option for folks who may be considering a switch to an EV, but they're not ready or able to go full-on battery-electric. However, many compelling new EVs are selling as quickly as automakers can make them, and dealers appear to be taking advantage of the situation.

While we don't know for sure if the image in this tweet is real, it appears legit. As you can see, the Toyota dealer is charging a whopping $40,000 markup for the RAV4 Prime. If you search for the vehicle online, you may find it, along with other RAV4 Prime's with the MSRP listed as "Please call*."


Even if it's not true, this type of situation fits precisely with what we've learned while searching for a new car in the recent past. Several dealers have told us that no cars are selling for MSRP, but rather, they're all being marked up. While there are articles nearly every week about Tesla raising its prices, it seems legacy OEMs aren't raising MSRP, but instead, dealers are engaging in price-gouging to the extreme.

To take things a step further, two local Kia dealerships told us that there hasn't been a single Telluride sold for MSRP. Moreover, if we want a plug-in hybrid or an electric car, it will have to be special-ordered, and it will come with a price tag that's $10,000, $15,000, or even $20,000 or more above MSRP.

We contacted a Chrysler dealership to inquire about a Pacifica Hybrid, and we were told the same thing. We also asked about nationally advertised leasing and financing specials, which are actually quite appealing for the plug-in hybrid minivan. However, the dealer told us those deals don't exist, and they can't even come close to honoring any of the prices shown online. 

With all of that said, nearly $100,000 for the Toyota RAV4 Prime takes this all to a whole new level. Does the dealer expect that anyone will be willing to pay this kind of money for a mainstream compact crossover?

Head down to our comment section and let us know your thoughts on this. Do you think it's legit? Will someone actually pay this for a RAV4 Prime? Do you have any information or experiences that you could share to shed more light on the situation?

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