A new survey, conducted by Autolist, reveals which battery-electric pickups (launched or upcoming) are the most wanted in the U.S.

The company asked over 1,100 current car shoppers in late October and early November "to gauge their interest in and awareness of the all-electric pickup truck segment." Let's get into the results, which are very interesting and partially surprising.

Which one would you be most likely to buy?

According to the report, the respondents are opting for an electric version of pickups that are well known on the market - Ford F-150 and Chevrolet Silverado.

Ford F-150 Lightning (to be launched in Spring 2022) is substantially more "wanted" than other models:

"Not only was Ford’s Lightning the most popular pick, but it also won over key groups of shoppers who will be crucial to the success of it and any other electric pickup.

The Ford was also the top choice among first-time EV buyers and existing or previous EV owners, first-time and existing/previous truck owners, nearly all of the age groups polled, and across all household income levels."

Well, we are quite surprised that the Rivian R1T is down the list, even behind the very specific GMC Hummer EV. Another thing is that not even the fully announced Chevrolet Silverado is above the Tesla Cybertruck, about which we heard so much.

"Choices of trucks were limited to those that are currently available for pre-order or which have been announced as being a specific model with a debut date (Chevrolet’s all-electric Silverado -- teased above -- is set to debut on Jan. 5 2022 at CES in Las Vegas)."

In a similar survey in 2019 (when not all of the names/details were known), the top models on the list were Rivian (32%), ahead of Tesla (27%) and Ford (23%) (Lightning name was not yet announced back then).

Corey Lydstone, president and CEO of Autolist.com said:

“The Lightning has all the ingredients of a successful launch. It has the name recognition that transcends the EV marketplace, it has the styling and features that appeal to truck owners and first-time buyers alike, and its wide price range makes it attainable but also aspirational.”


According to the results, Tesla Cybertruck was the most popular among the potential buyers that are 35 years old or younger.

Which one would EV owners buy?

Interesting is also which of those five vehicles would be selected by existing or former EV owners.

As it turns out, here also the Ford F-150 Lightning is #1, but the results are more in-line with our expecations, as the Tesla Cybertruck is in a close second, followed by Chevrolet Silverado EV and an improved position of the Rivian R1T.

  • Ford F-150 Lightning - 32%
  • Tesla Cybertruck - 30%
  • Chevrolet Silverado EV (confirmed in 2021) - 17%
  • Rivian R1T - 12%
  • GMC Hummer EV - 9%

What do you think? Is that a valid outlook of the electric pickup market?

See full report with more details at Autolist here.

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