We got our hands on another base with rear-wheel-drive and conducted another 70-mph highway range test, duplicating the one done by Kyle Conner a few months back. Whenever possible, we try to duplicate our range tests with a different driver, in a different area, to see if we get consistent results.

For the base Taycan RWD with the 93.4 kWh performance Plus battery pack, the results of our two different tests were nearly identical. That's what we like to see - consistency. 

Porsche Taycan in Cherry metallic

The base Taycan with the Performance Plus battery option ($5,780) is EPA range rated at 225 miles (combined) and 239.8 miles (highway). Since this is a highway range test, we look at the highway EPA range rating more closely. 

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However, when it comes to the Taycan - any version of it, the results are always the same: it crushed both the highway and combined EPA range rating but a lot. In fact, it beat its combined EPA rating by a whopping 32% and its highway rating by 24%

Starting & Ending State of Charge  Miles Driven / Total Miles Accumulated

100% to 75%

81 / 81
75% to 50% 75 /156
50% to 25% 70 / 226
25% to 0% 71 / 297

The weather conditions were favorable but not perfect. We started out the day at about 60°F (15.5°C) and the temperature reach about 70°F (21°C) st the warmest point. We drove 81 miles from 100% to 75%; 75 miles from 75% to 50%; 70 miles from 50% to 25%; and 71 miles from 25% to the end of the test. The ending consumption rate was 285 Wh/mi (3.5 mi/kWh - 17.7 kWh/100km)

So check out the video and let us know what you think. We'll be following this up with a DC fast charge recording video in which we charge the Taycan from 0 up to 100% and analyze the results. 

About our 70-mph range tests:
We want to make it clear our range tests aren't perfect. There are variables simply out of our control like wind, traffic, and weather. However, we do our best to control what we can. We always set the tires to the manufacturer's recommended pressure, we crosscheck the speedometer with a GPS for accuracy, we charge up to 100 percent and enter the highway either immediately or within a couple of miles. Then we drive at a constant 70 mph and in long loops so we end up either where we started, or very close by. 

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