It may be a long time before many folks get to take delivery of the Tesla Cybertruck. However, that hasn't stopped the excitement over the wild and highly capable all-electric pickup truck.

In fact, people across the globe have been building replicas of the Cybertruck for some time now, and some companies are already offering loads of accessories for the Tesla pickup, though this camper by FORM may be the most compelling Tesla Cybertruck product yet.

FORM says, in addition to the CyberLandr, its new camper will be another compelling option for future Cybertruck owners who may want to transform their unique electric pickup truck into a solar-powered micro-home.

Gallery: FORM Camper for Tesla Cybertruck

As you can see from the video and the gallery above, the FORM Tesla Cybertruck camper isn't a camper in the traditional sense. TECHEBLOG explains that it's actually a huge and expandable box that fits right into the Cybertruck's bed. However, it's not just the space inside the Tesla's bed that becomes available for use.

Once you fully open the expandable FORM camper, it has an impressive 71 square feet of interior space. The Cybertruck micro-home camper features a sleeping area, a small kitchen, a portable toilet, and a wall-mounted shower. In addition, there's plenty of storage space.

What's more, the FORM unit has a roof-mounted 400-watt solar panel system, which owners can use to power the Cybertruck or the camper. The publication says the system is "capable of running off a 300-Ah deep-cycle lithium-ion battery."

FORM is already accepting pre-orders for the Tesla Cybertruck micro-home camper. It's doing an initial limited-production run of 500 units. Pricing starts at $69,500.

What do you think? How does it compare to the CyberLandr, which already had some $50 million in pre-orders (1,100 reservations) way back in late April 2021? Leave us your thoughts in the comment section below.

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