While some pickup trucks come standard as work trucks, with just a small standard feature set, many of today's pickup trucks come reasonably well equipped  Moreover, they all offer a wealth of upgrades, configurations, options, packages, and accessories. The Tesla Cybertruck should follow suit, though it will likely have an impressive standard feature set to begin with.

Tesla is all about standard features, updated features, and new features. All of the electric automaker's vehicles come standard with several features that are upgrades on competing vehicles, or not even offered, such as Autopilot, Full Self-Driving Capability, TeslaCam, and Sentry Mode. With that said, the Cybertruck should be a leader when it comes to standard equipment, but it could also be the perfect canvas for a host of options and accessories.

In the video above, the Cybertruck Truck Guy ranks the Top 15 Tesla Cybertruck features and accessories people want based on information gathered from reviewing forums, livestream chats, and general experience as a longtime pickup truck owner.

How about a fifth-wheel, fold-flat seating, or solar? We really love the Rivian gear tunnel and pull-out kitchen. Could Tesla copy something like that? The options here are really endless. The Cybertruck Truck Guy provides a list of features and accessories, complete with timestamps. Which of these features are most important to you? What did he miss?

  • 00:00 Introduction
  • 01:02 Fifth Wheel Fix
  • 02:23 Enhanced Steering
  • 03:32 Center Console Option
  • 04:36 Fold Flat Seats
  • 05:33 Front Mounted Winch
  • 07:23 Heavy Duty Roof Rack
  • 08:38 Appstore with Full 3rd Party Integration
  • 09:33 Exterior Accessory Power and Control Outlets
  • 11:22 Bluetooth or USB Connectable Auxiliary Controls & Displays
  • 12:13 Starlink Integration
  • 13:04 Dynamic Bi-Directional Charging
  • 14:08 Battery Augmented Trailer
  • 15:22 Integrated Solar System
  • 16:56 Full HVAC Controls for Bed
  • 18:22 Full Pass Through from Bed to Cab

Do you think the Tesla Cybertruck will comes equipped like all other Tesla vehicles? Will it have a few unique standard features? If you could pick a few features and accessories that are must-haves for the future electric pickup truck, what would they be? Leave us your thoughts in the comment section below.

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