Following the debut at the Chengdu Motor Show in August, the Volkswagen ID.3 has entered the Chinese market on October 22, 2021, as the fifth MEB-based Volkswagen in China (actually the third, because the ID.4 and ID.6 exist in two separate versions from two joint ventures).

The ID.3 is offered with a 57.3 kWh battery for up to 430 km (267 miles) NEDC range and a 125 kW electric motor at the rear axle.

According to Chinese media, there are only small differences between the Chinese and European versions. For example, the Chinese version is slightly narrower.

SAIC Volkswagen ID.3 In China
SAIC Volkswagen ID.3 In China

There are three trim levels available. The entry-level version starts at 159,888 CNY ($24,960), while the other two have the same price of 173,888 CNY ($27,145) - including subsidies we believe.

SAIC Volkswagen ID.3 In China

It will be interesting to see how well the Volkswagen ID.3 will sell in China, especially since the competition is now fierce.

Last month, Volkswagen was able to sell over 10,000 ID.4 and ID.6 for the very first time, but remains far below its initial target of 80,000-100,000 units by the end of the year.

Gallery: SAIC Volkswagen ID.3 In China

Volkswagen ID.3 (SAIC Volkswagen) specs:

  • 430 km (267 miles) of NEDC range
  • 57.3 kWh battery (NCM chemistry)
  • top speed of 160 km/h (100 mph)
  • rear-wheel drive
  • 125 kW and 310 Nm electric motor (70 kW continuous)
  • Dimensions (mm): length of 4,261, width of 1,778, height of 1,568 and wheelbase of 2,765
  • Weight: 1,760 kg curb and 2,220 kg total

In China, Volkswagen offers MEB-based EVs through two separate joint ventures:

  • FAW-Volkswagen - production plant in Foshan, up to 300,000 annually
    ID.4 CROZZ
    ID.6 CROZZ
  • SAIC Volkswagen - production plant in Anting, up to 300,000 annually
    ID.4 X
    ID.6 X

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