Tesla Hype (@TeslaHype) on Twitter recently shared a short video of a Tesla Cybertruck out testing. The video originally came from Jesse Sandoval via Drive Tesla Canada. We've heard that Tesla may be making design updates to the Cybertruck, though it's hard to know what (or who) to believe.

According to Tesla Hype, the Cybertruck in Sandoval's video is wearing side mirrors, and it appears to be using a rear-wheel steering system, which Tesla CEO Elon Musk mentioned in the past. Overall, it seems that this particular Cybertruck may be the updated prototype that's been talked about on social media.


While the side mirrors come as no surprise, since we were already aware the Cybertruck would likely be required to have them, the potential rear-wheel steering is interesting. As Tesla delays its Cybertruck and rivals come to market, it may need to do whatever it can to make the electric pickup truck more appealing.

The Rivian R1T has already come to market, and it's proving to be an incredible off-road truck, which most folks expected. It also has its own share of party tricks, though some are still under development. The Hummer EV can do a "crab walk" thanks to its four-wheel steering system. And, while the Ford F-150 Lightning doesn't have such tricks, it has the ability to power your home, which is arguably a game-changer.

Sandoval talked with Drive Tesla Canada. He said he spotted the Tesla Cybetruck prototype at the Castle Airport in Atwater, California, which is around two hours away from Fremont, California, by car.

As you can see in the video, there's really no question whether or not the electric pickup truck has side mirrors. While the video is a bit grainy and the Cybertruck is far away, you can see the mirrors without question.

There's really no way to tell for sure that the Cybertruck prototype in the video is using rear-wheel steering. However, it seems to be maneuvering quite well, and its tight turning radius is impressive. Musk tweeted back in July that Tesla would be adding rear-wheel steering to the upcoming electric truck.


Tesla says it plans to start production of the Cybertruck in late 2022, though it won't ramp up until 2023. However, the automaker also said the Model Y would arrive much later than it actually did.

Tesla Cybertruck production and delivery timing likely all comes down to the situation surrounding the opening of Tesla's two new factories. More specifically, everything related to the upcoming Cybertruck hinges on Giga Austin.

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