The Tesla Model S Plaid will debut on television on CNBC’s “Jay Leno’s Garage” on November 10.

In the episode, the famous car collector will be seen driving the Model S Plaid at Famoso Raceway, the place where Tesla’s all-electric flagship sedan snatched the quarter-mile record for a production vehicle from the Bugatti Chiron Sport.

CNBC confirmed to Teslarati that the episode, titled “Limited Edition,” would air on November 10. From the episode’s description courtesy of the TV station, we learn that the all-electric Mercedes EQS will also make an appearance.

“Get ready to regale yourself with rarities in this extremely Limited Edition of Jay Leno’s Garage. First up, Jay and talk show phenom Trevor Noah test-drive the lightning-fast, all-new, all-electric Mercedes EQS. Then Jay does his damnedest to demolish the already ludicrous world record for the fastest production vehicle ever in Tesla’s all-new Model S Plaid. After attempting to rewrite history, Jay squeezes Comedian Tom Segura into a bug-size Bugatti, lets loose in a one-of-a-kind Porsche Carrera Coupe, and rides off into the sunset with actor Balthazar Getty in a ridiculously rare Lamborghini Sian.”

In early June, Jay Leno confirmed to Spike’s Car Radio podcast he set a quarter-mile record for production cars in the Model S Plaid. 

“I’ll tell you what I did. I went up to Famoso Dragway in Bakersfield and the Tesla Plaid… I drove by, and the NHRA guy was there to make it official. It turned a 9.247, at 152 MPH.”

Later that month, a trailer showed Leno driving the Model S Plaid during the record attempt. The November 10 episode should offer all the details about Leno’s record-setting run in the Model S Plaid, so it’s definitely not one to miss.

You may recall that during a June interview with Shepard Smith on CNBC, the comedian said the Model S Plaid is one of the best vehicles he’s ever driven. 

“It was a winner. I mean, it is now the fastest production car you can buy. Faster than any Ferrari, faster than any $3.5 million Bugatti.”

Soon after that, Jay Leno put his money where his mouth was and bought a Model S Plaid himself to replace his older 2015 Model S P90D.

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