If we had to choose just one person to drive the Tesla Model S Plaid and provide detailed impressions, our choice would probably be Kyle Conner. Sure, we're biased since we work with Kyle, but he's been driving just about every new car imaginable – with an obvious emphasis on electric cars – for many years.

To say that Kyle was excited to drive the new, range-topping Model S is an understatement. Which car lover wouldn't want to get behind the wheel of the quickest production car ever built? However, as you may know, Kyle has been hopping all over the globe, and while the Plaid is arguably one of the most notable new cars on the market, there are many, many others.

Kyle was finally back home, at least for about 54 minutes, and he got his hands on a Model S Plaid for the first time. In this video, he teases the car's straight-line acceleration, which you've all probably seen before, but arguably much more importantly, Kyle spends nearly an hour providing an in-depth review of the Tesla flagship's driving dynamics.

Despite having driven essentially every new EV on the planet, along with an extensive list of high-performance cars, Kyle seems just as blown away by the Plaid as any other driver/reviewer, amateur or professional. He takes us through the car's technology and shows us how to set it all up before hitting the city, the mountains, a twisty canyon road, and the highway.

Kyle makes it clear that he'll have to get the car out on the track soon, and he also plans to provide a more detailed review of its interior, infotainment system, etc.

Since the video is quite long, Kyle provided us with a list of topics and timestamps as shown below:

0:00 - Hello & Welcome
1:19 - Vehicle Tour / Specs
5:58 - Vehicle Setup
8:09 - City Driving
18:41 - Acceleration
21:07 - Heading Towards Mountains
23:55 - Performance Driving
41:23 - Backseat
42:25 - Highway NVH / ADAS
47:02 - Final Thoughts

What do you think of the Plaid? What would you change? Kyle wishes for a track pack, better brakes, and more regen. Leave us your thoughts in the comment section below.

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