The Tesla Model S Plaid has received plenty of praise from almost all who’ve driven it. Many have been mesmerized by its insane acceleration and clever technology, as well as the fact that it continues to offer all the space and practicality the Model S always has. That said, not everyone is so taken by it. The folks over at Track Day admit the Plaid brings incredible acceleration but is also soulless and mundane. Whilst many would argue EVs like the Porsche Taycan and Audi e-tron GT bring emotion through their stunning looks and cool artificial noises, Track Day thinks the Plaid is in dire need of a makeover and simply just dull.

That said, when they drove it on the runway its speed continued to impress. It managed to easily beat a Model S P100d in a quick drag race despite the latter having a head start. With around 60% charge, the Plaid covered 40-100 mph in 3.29 seconds – almost half a second quicker than a McLaren 720s. Equally, the Plaid managed to go from 60-130 mph in just 5.04 seconds, faster than any other car Track Day ever tested. Only at around 150 mph did the Plaid’s acceleration begin to falter. That said, Track Day couldn’t complete the full half mile at max speed due to the Plaid’s poor braking. Instead, they had to brake around three quarters of the way through, and crossed the line at 165 mph with a 15.46 second time.

Gallery: 2021 Tesla Model S Plaid Refresh

Track Day’s host noted the Plaid was too fast for its own good and “a little unsafe”. He felt it can hit speeds of around 160 mph too quickly given its poor brakes and curb weight. He also remarked that whilst he likes the refreshed interior the exterior of the Plaid looks the same as every other Model S and that’s what he hates about Teslas. Either way, the Plaid's performance is undeniably epic - even if it could look a little more distinctive and modern from the outside. 

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