Tesla are infamous for making cars with insane acceleration. That said, they often begin to stutter once you reach higher speeds. Hence there are numerous videos online of performance-oriented Teslas beating supercars in quarter mile drag races, and then losing when it comes to half mile ones. However, all that changes when it comes to the new Model S Plaid.

With 1,006 bhp and a 200 mph top speed, it promises to deliver mind-boggling performance both off-the-line and at high speeds. Here is a car that can go from 0-60 mph in less than two seconds and keep on pushing at a rapid rate. In fact, the Model S Plaid is so relentlessly quick that it covers 60–120 mph in a simply ridiculous 3.84 seconds. For reference, a Porsche 911 Carrera takes around that long to go from 0-60 mph.

YouTube channel Track Day recently got the chance to run a half mile drag race between a Model S Plaid and a $500,000+ Lamborghini Aventador SVJ. The ultimate version of Lamborghini’s flagship supercar, it was surely going to offer the Plaid some serious competition down the half-mile long runway. However, across three runs at varying starting speeds the Tesla repeatedly dominated. Track Day’s host noted the Lamborghini had a passenger in it and couldn’t enter Corsa mode (basically a Sport+ mode) as it was a new car and was still being broken in. Equally, the Model S Plaid only had around 50% battery life during the drag races.

Track Day revealed the Plaid took 5.32 seconds to go from 60–130 mph (expect a significantly faster time with a 100% charge). Meanwhile the SVJ took 7.59 seconds to go between 60 and 130 mph, around a second slower than the time a broken in car with Corsa mode activated should get. 


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