Genesis has finally revealed the specs for its first ever electric model, the GV60, which is mechanically related to the Hyundai Ioniq 5 and the Kia EV6. It rides on the same E-GMP modular architecture, but its aim is to offer the most luxurious experience currently possible on the platform, as well as a sporty driving edge.

The GV60 has just one battery pack available, 77.4 kWh, and three motor configurations: single-motor with 225 horsepower and 350 Nm (258 pound-foot), dual-motor 313 horsepower (99 horsepower front motor plus 214 horsepower rear motor) and 605 Nm (445 pound-feet), dual-motor 429 horsepower and just as much torque as the lower-powered twin-motor variant.

The latter has a separate Boost Mode that can be enabled, and with it on it sprints to 100 km/h (62 mph) in exactly 4 seconds. This mode can be activated via a button on the steering wheel and it only lasts for 10 seconds.

Gallery: Genesis GV60

Genesis has not obtained official EPA range ratings for the GV60 yet, but it estimates that the single-motor version should do 451 km (280 miles) on one charge, the lower-powered dual-motor version drops that to 400 km (248 miles), while the range topping variant is expected to offer just 368 km (228 miles).

The GV60 also comes with a drift mode that adjusts power distribution and uses the brakes to make it easier to slide the vehicle. Genesis only mentions this in the press release, it doesn’t really detail how it works, but we will surely test it out when we get a chance to drive the vehicle.

Drivers will be able to choose between three interior sound themes: Futuristic, G-Engine (enhanced electric motor sound) and E-Engine (reimagined electric motor sound). Genesis calls this sound Active Sound Design (e-ASD) and it says

The system provides various virtual driving sounds through the speakers based on the driving mode, the vehicle’s speed, and accelerator pedal data.

Genesis also detailed the GV60’s charging specs and the figures are pretty much identical to the other two vehicles built on the same platform. It can be charged at ultra high speeds of up to 350 kW, and at that rate, it takes the state of charge from 10 to 80 percent in a claimed 18 minutes.

It’s maximum charging rate via its on-board charger is 11 kW and it also supports V2L (Vehicle to Load) charging at up to 3.6 kW, which might come in handy when going camping or for doing outdoor activities.

Inside the GV60 we find a new infotainment system not present in any other Genesis model, a new digital gauge cluster, an optional head-up display, face recognition tech, a Crystal Sphere transmission selector and a 17-speaker Bang & Olufsen sound system. As expected, it also comes with a list too long to detail of passive and active safety features that has all the systems you’d expect.

Pricing for the Genesis GV60 has yet to be announced, but it is expected to be more expensive than the Hyundai and Kia models it is related to. Jay Chang, Global Head of Genesis brand put the model into context by saying

The GV60 is the first dedicated EV model with the most dynamic design, representing Genesis’ electrification. It will set a new standard for luxury electric vehicles with a powerful driving performance and various key features based on interactions with customers.

Luc Donckerwolke, Chief Creative Officer of Genesis brand, added to that by saying

The GV60 is a symbolic model that materializes the unique values and the sensibilities that Genesis stands for. It offers a satisfying experience to our customers who want something valuable, but different.

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