Tesla’s Model Y follows hot on the heels of the Model 3, and many say that it will be Tesla’s best-selling and most important model. 

Design & Styling 

Let’s start off with the looks. The design of the Model Y will be familiar to those that have been seeing the Model 3 on the road for some time now. Well, not where I’m from in the UK though…we still can’t get the Right Hand Drive version over here! 

But the design language, the curves, the light signatures…they’re all taking cues from the Model 3. However, the Model Y is a far cry from saloon styling and much more closely resembles an SUV. It is more about subtle curves than creases, and we’re obviously looking at a car that cherishes its drag co-efficient. 

Inside, it’s all very Tesla again, and to the casual observer could be a Model 3. That refined minimalism that Tesla has been working on for a decade now comes to the fore. The car turns traditional interior design on its head. Apart from a couple on the steering wheel, we’re denied the use of any buttons or dials. It’s one big 15” touch screen, an iPad on steroids! 


So that’s what the Model Y looks like, but it’s time to have a look at the dimensions. It’s a chunky enough car. You’ve got a wheelbase of 2.9 metres and an overall length of 4.8 metres.  

But it’s the space inside that begins to separate the Model Y. The design of the boot opening allows a much bigger point of entry for luggage. Fold the seats down and you’ve got cargo space well over 2,000 litres. There’s even space for 7 seats if you want to spec it that way. And if that’s not enough for you…throw in a bit of braked towing up to 1,600kgs and we’ve got a very capable car. 


Let’s move on to performance, and this is one of the pegs that Tesla hangs its hat on. We’ll skip the pleasantries on this short video, and jump right behind the wheel of the Performance model.  

You have dual motors, All Wheel Drive on 21” rims. Well, obviously there are tiyres on the rims…but you know what I mean! Anyway, Martyn, how fast does it go? Well, the top speed is an impressive 150mph. Now, Tesla gives its 0-60mph times inclusive of a rollout, which is a topic we’re going to steer well clear of today! But suffice to say that the Model Y is very fast and will do the 0-62mph or 0-100 kmh sprint in 4 seconds. 

Battery & Range & Charging 

Now for the bit that all of us EV nerds love…batteries, range and charging. 

Tesla is known in later years for not sharing the official battery capacities in their vehicles, so it’s left to people to extrapolate. The Model Y has a battery of about 75kWh. Range and efficiency will vary slightly depending on whether or not you go for the Performance or Long Range. If you jump onto Tesla’s website where I am here in the UK, they’ll tell you that the Performance has an estimated range of 298 miles, with the Long Range having 314 miles. In the US, you’ve got an EPA rating of nearly 330 miles. 

Now, we all know that these numbers are optimistic. But either way, it’s fair to say that the Model Y Long Range will be a solid 250 to 300-mile range car. Maybe dropping closer to 200 if you’re on the motorway in freezing temperatures. Maybe challenging 400 miles if you’re at slower speeds in optimal conditions.  

And what happens when your battery gets low. The Model Y will take up to 11.5kW on AC chargers. So you’re looking at a charge there that’ll take around 6 to 7 hours. But most people will have a home charger peaking at about 7kW so you’re looking at about 10 hours there. But hey, who cares how long it takes while you’re sleeping at night! 

On DC, you can expect the Model Y to be pretty rapid. The US configurator says that you can put 162 miles back in as little as 15 minutes. Not bad for a quick toilet break or chance to grab a coffee! 


So what about the price? Well, that'll be a tricky one as the Model Y will be sold in so many different markets. Model Y Performance models in European markets will cost you about €70,000. In the UK, we’re likely to be paying £60,000 when it finally arrives in RHD. In the US, the Performance will cost you about $60,000. 


It’s worth mentioning production while we’re talking about the Model Y. The goalposts are constantly changing with Tesla’s production of the Model Y. Global supply chain shortages of batteries and capacitors mean that many manufacturers are struggling to meet the demand of their EVs. Tesla is expanding at a rapid rate, and are having to shift production around to best manage the supply of the Model Y. Giga Shanghai is up and running now, and shipping cars to Europe. Giga Berlin is facing some delays but is sure to begin production in the coming months. 


So, let us know what you think in the comments below.  

Are you a fan of the Model Y? 

Which would you go for, Performance or Long Range? 

Or maybe you just don’t like Tesla, and would take something like an iD.4 GTX or Nissan Ariya over it? 

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