Popular car vlogger Shmee150, a.k.a. Tim Burton, is no stranger to ridiculously quick automobiles as he owns supercars like the McLaren Senna, Ford GT, Mercedes-AMG GT Black Series, and more.

But as he admits, nothing could prepare him for some quarter-mile runs in the new Tesla Model S Plaid. He paid a visit to Brooks Weisblat from DragTimes in Florida to check out his Model S Plaid, and was absolutely gobsmacked by its performance.

He first rode in the front passenger seat as they traveled on the highway to the Palm Beach International Raceway, and got a first experience of the Model S Plaid’s insane acceleration as it turned his Mustang GT500 into a small dot in the rearview mirror.

Tim then got behind the wheel of the Plaid and had some fun stomping on the accelerator, although the yoke didn't quite do it for him.

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The guys then arrived at PBIR for some flat launches, with the English vlogger managing the break his own drag strip record in the process. It only took him one run, which he ended with a result of 9.33 seconds at 150.10 mph. His second go was very similar (9.36 seconds at 149.28 mph), and both were quicker than what any combustion-engined supercar can achieve from the factory.

It was then time for Brooks to have a go in Shmee’s Mustang GT500, and he didn’t run alone as he raced (and beat) a BMW M5 in each of the two runs.

The video also teases a drag race between the Model S Plaid and a 1,100-hp Ford Mustang GT500 on drag radials, but we don’t get to find out which car won because that duel will be posted on the DragTimes channel later on.

It was interesting to see Tim so impressed with and excited by the Model S Plaid, and we wouldn’t be too surprised to see one land in his garage soon.

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