After admitting that creating real, working and reliable self-driving cars proved to be a bigger challenge than first anticipated, Elon Musk took to Twitter on August 23 to reply to a comment by Whole Mars Catalog stating that the current version of the technology could be better. He actually said Full Self Driving V9.2 Beta is ‘not great’ but that the team working on it was making progress.


Then, the very next day, August 24, Musk went on Twitter again, this time having positive things to say about the new version of FSD 9.3, after going on an extended drive in a vehicle that had it installed. He experienced FSD 9.3 on a trip from Pasadena to LAX and afterwards he wrote that


With FSD version 9.2, vehicles that have it were able to better navigate small inner-city streets with more ease and improved safety. According to Tesla, 9.2 brought

Clear-to-go boost through turns on minor-to-major roads (plan to expand to all roads in V9.3).

Improved peek behavior where we are smarter about when to go around the lead vehicle by reasoning about the causes for lead vehicle being slow.

v1 of the Multi-modal predictions for where other vehicles expected to drive. This is only partially consumed by now.

New Lanes network with 50k more clips (almost double) from the new auto-labeling pipeline.

New VRU velocity model with 12% improvement to velocity and better VRU clear-to-go performance. This is the first model trained with “Quantization-Aware-Training,” an improved technique to mitigate int8 quantization.

Enabled Inter-SoC synchronous compute scheduling between vision and vector space processes. Planner in the loop is happening in v10.

Shadow mode for new crossing/merging targets network which will help improve VRU control.

Version 9.3 of FSD has not yet been publicly released for beta testers and we don’t know what the specific changes it is expected to bring. It will undeniably be a series of incremental improvements that will take the technology closer and closer to version 10, which is expected to be more widely available, although it will still be a Beta version.

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