Ford doesn’t have immediate plans to launch an all-electric version its Bronco off-roader, or at least they have not been officially announced (the automaker has to be working on one ever since Jeep said it was doing a Wrangler full-EV) However, you can drive a battery powered Bronco, it just has to be the classic one that has been converted to run on electricity by companies such as Gateway Bronco.

The company, as its name suggests, specializes in Ford Bronco restomods with a high-end twist. And now with this most recent series of models, an extra electric powertrain twist as well.

Two different versions will be on offer: Fuelie Electric and Luxe-GT Electric - the latter is the example shown in the embedded gallery here and it also provides the most range, a claimed 300 miles (482 km) compared to the other model’s 200 miles (322 km) claim. We didn’t find information on the capacity of these battery packs.

Gallery: Gateway Bronco Electric

The longer range model has a 400+ horsepower electric motor that sends it to sixty from standstill in 4.7 seconds, while the other has a 295 horsepower motor and the sprint time is 6.2 seconds. Interestingly, Gateway Bronco says its electric vehicles have a manual five-speed transmission, although the vehicle in the gallery has just two pedals.

All the vehicles built by this company are essentially brand new, stripped all the way down and then assembled and modernized on a new Kincer chassis with new electronically-adjustable suspension and uprated Wilwood brakes brakes. Both versions ride on 18-inch wheels wrapped in 33-inch Toyo off-road tires.

Gateway Bronco is also famous for its very high prices that can quickly approach half-a-million dollars - the more affordable Fuelie Electric starts at $260,000, while the Luxe-GT Electric is far more expensive, kicking off at $380,000.

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