Porsche has started the teasing campaign for a new concept study that will debut on September 6 at IAA Mobility 2021 in Munich.

The only photo released so far reveals headlights that are similar to those of the Porsche Taycan, leading us to believe we’re dealing with an all-electric model. That’s not the only hint towards electric propulsion, as the image is accompanied by the following text.

At @iaamobility, #Porsche is looking to the future, celebrating the world premiere of a future-oriented concept study on 6 September – live on http://newsroom.porsche.com. #Porsche #IAA21 #PorscheIAA2021


While it’s highly likely that “future-oriented” means all-electric, deciphering what sort of vehicle we are dealing with is not that easy. Also visible in the teaser image are the turn signals, located under the headlights and towards the center of the hood—by the way, it looks like we’re dealing with a short hood judging by the black element at the top.

At first, we were tempted to believe we’re dealing with the upcoming Macan EV, but after spotting this detail, we’re more inclined toward it being a sports car concept. This would tie in with other reports about Porsche already testing electric prototypes of the current-generation Boxster and working on a concept—maybe this is it.

You may recall that in 2011, Porsche unveiled previous-generation Boxter E concepts that featured all-electric propulsion—in dual-motor AWD and single-motor RWD variants). Those electric Boxsters did not materialize into production because they were too heavy, but that may change with the current-generation Boxster E.

Last year, Porsche said that the electric sports cars would use a newer platform, separate from the new PPE electric architecture that will underpin the next-gen Macan. Porsche wants its electric sports cars to offer the same driving experience as its ICE-powered ones, so here’s hoping the new platform will rise up to the task.


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