Aside from Tesla's vehicles, few cars, if any, offer a feature that's comparable to Bioweapon Defense Mode. The feature is essentially a massive HEPA filter inside the Tesla Model S and Model X.

CEO Elon Musk has shared that the Model 3 and Model Y also have larger filters in comparison to other cars, but the HEPA filter used in the Model S is simply too large for the Model 3. However, we already know that's not the case with the Model Y crossover.

Now, a recent report from Electrek claims all Model Y vehicles will come standard with the larger HEPA filter, as well as Tesla's Bioweapon Defense Mode. The report says this is the case with all Model Y vehicles coming out of the automaker's primary factory in Fremont, California. China-made Model Y crossovers are already equipped with the filter and feature.

tesla hepa filter

As we previously reported, a US-made Model Y was photographed with the massive hospital-grade HEPA-rated filter and the Bioweapon Defense Mode. However, there was no official word from Tesla and no confirmation that this would become a standard feature in all Model Y SUVs going forward.

For those unaware, according to CEO Elon Musk, the HEPA filter is about 10 times larger than cabin air filters in most cars. Tesla says the filter is also 100 times more effective than a normal car air filter. When it's working at top efficiency, it may be able to protect people from a bioweapon attack, though in daily use, it's simply peace of mind for Tesla owners that their car is keeping toxins and allergens out of the cabin.

According to Electrek, Tesla has now moved to producing all Model Y crossovers with the larger filter and the special feature. The publication says all Model Y vehicles being delivered in North America now have Bioweapon Defense Mode as standard.

As Tesla continues to update and improve its vehicles, it's also regularly raising prices. One might assume that with the tremendous demand, as well as the price increases, Tesla will be able to continue to add popular and game-changing standard features to its fleet going forward.

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