Polestar already has one very desirable EV in its lineup, the Polestar 2, and it’s looking to bolster its position with another larger and more luxurious battery-powered model, its second. The manufacturer has previewed this new model with the Precept concept and those who have seen it in person say it could be the world’s best looking electric vehicle.

Now while its aesthetic qualities are up for debate, and its title as best looking is certainly disputed with a few other electric lookers, the fact that it is going into production is great news. It rides on a 3,100 mm / 122-inch wheelbase, it is designed for maximum aero efficiency and Polestar has employed many innovative solutions to make it more sustainable.

This is mainly true for the interior where the manufacturer has used recycled plastic bottles, recycled cork or reclaimed fishing nets for the carpeting. And for the body panels, instead of going for expensive carbon fiber, the company has opted to make them out of a flax fiber composite that is half the weight of steel and most of what goes into making the material is from renewable sources.

We’ve drooled over this gorgeous concept many times before, but one of the most insightful and in-depth walkaround videos dedicated to it was recently posted by AutoTrader. The video’s host, Rory Reid, seems genuinely excited about not only the way it looks, but also what the production version promises to be.

Nobody has yet driven the Precept, though, but between the Polestar 2’s excellent on-road (and on-track) manners and Polestar’s commitment to making sporty cars that are fun to drive, our expectations are high. Until then, check out Rory’s video to learn all the details that are known so far.

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