One of the latest episodes of Munro Live is about the high voltage connectors in the Ford Mustang Mach-E that connects battery pack, DC/DC converter, inverters, on-board charger, electric motors, PTC heater and AC compressor.

As we can see, the company uses multiple completely different types of connectors, screws and fasteners. They have different shapes and colors.

It's obvious that Ford's approach of using components from various suppliers has its consequences, but Munro Live's Sandy Munro notes that even then, a big company should be able to order components with a single type of connector.

For comparison, in the Volkswagen ID.4 there is a single line of connectors in the battery pack and a single type of fasteners (however there are still too many of them).

In Teslas, on the other hand, many components are integrated so there is a lower number of connections and the existing connectors are usually the same (compressor is different because it's from an external supplier). Moreover, Tesla uses only two screws per connector, compared to four in Ford.

Overall, Munro Live's Sandy Munro and Cory Steuben point out a huge opportunity to reduce costs, complexity, poor quality, weight, labor and confusion on the assembly line.

It's actually very surprising to us that manufacturers are not unifying such things right from the beginning as it's one of the low-hanging fruits to improve competitiveness.

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