We are slightly puzzled by this camouflaged Ford Mustang Mach-E that was posted yesterday on the Mach-E Forum. The vehicle in the photos is certainly a Mach-E, but there are several things about it that lead us believe Ford isn’t actually testing a new model variant; this is most likely just a mule for another future electric model from the Blue Oval.

How can we tell? Well, firstly the wheelbase doesn’t match the body. You can see this clearly for the rear wheels. This means there may be an even bigger battery in the belly of the vehicle, and it also looks like it’s taller too. In other words, the battery could be both longer and taller than the series Mach-E’s.

One theory put forth in the source post where we saw the photos is that this could just be Ford adapting the Rivian skateboard platform for use in a future model. This may be the case, especially since the mule sits quite a bit higher compared to the series Mustang Mach-E.


There doesn’t appear to be that much room between the wheels and the wheel arches (the clearance seems only marginally bigger than stock) but this is because the openings aren’t in the same place they would be on the production Mach-E. In fact, they are definitely wider (especially visible in the rear) and possibly a bit higher too; the camouflage does its job of hiding this pretty well.

Another theory is that this could be a mule for an upcoming Lincoln electric SUV (that was originally meant to ride on the Rivian platform, but that project was eventually cancelled). It’s also interesting that the mule has six-lug wheels (like the Bronco and F-150), instead of five like the regular Mach-E. This clearly suggests that whatever this is testing, will be a heavier duty vehicle than the electric Mustang crossover.

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