just released its annual American-Made Index for 2021. For those unaware, it ranks cars sold in the US based on how much they contribute to the US economy. The index uses criteria based on manufacturing locations and plans, parts sourcing, and more.

Tesla has fared well in the American Made Index in the past, but this year it takes top honors. In fact, while the Tesla Model 3 sedan secures the top position overall, the Model Y crossover comes in third. Cars notes this is the "first time an electric vehicle has taken the top spot in the list’s 16-year history, setting a new precedent for the future of American innovation."


As you can see, the Ford Mustang places in the second position, but sadly, it's not the all-electric Mustang Mach-E. Interestingly, Ford held the top position last year with its Ranger truck, and now it has been beaten by the Model 3.

Last year, Tesla had three cars in the top 10, the Model S at No. 3, the Model 3 at No. 4, and the Model X at No. 5. It seems the Model S and X didn't qualify this year, perhaps due to being in the midst of a refresh, though we don't know for sure.

Cars also pointed out that hybrid and electric vehicles make up almost 5 percent of the vehicles on the list this year. Last year, there were only seven hybrid or electric vehicles represented, and this year the number nearly doubled.

The publication provided other related data as well:

  • 68% of people said they would consider an electric or hybrid vehicle as their next car
  • 29% of respondents found it unpatriotic to buy a non-American-made car, up from last year's 25%

Cars looked at a total of 344 vehicles available in 2021. Only 90 qualified for the American-Made Index. GM had the most cars, at 19, followed by Honda with 13, Toyota with 12, and Ford with 11.’s American-Made Index uses the following five factors to choose and rank cars:

"Assembly location, parts sourcing as determined by the American Automobile Labeling Act, U.S. factory employment relative to vehicle production, engine sourcing and transmission sourcing."

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