Tesla China has officially announced the grand opening of its longest Supercharger route from east to west in China. You may have read earlier stories about this new route underway along China's famous and historic Silk Road.

According to a tweet from Tesla Greater China – the brand's official Twitter account – the route reaches 5,000 kilometers (just over 3,100 miles). It has a total of 27 Supercharger stations.

While the news about the longest Supercharger route is interesting enough in itself, it's the video Tesla posted that really got our attention. It's less than two minutes long, and the commentary is in Chinese, but there are subtitles. The video shows Tesla drivers traveling around historic areas, and there's plenty of fascinating information to take in, and the dialogue is almost poetic. Tesla says:

"This time, together with Tesla, let us come alongside the time-honored Hexi Corridor and return to the ancient Silk Road where the West and the East encounters to revive the buried epics, to retrieve the forgotten beauty. Beyond distance and time, unbound by tradition or trends, towards the farther oasis. Embrace all in a pure way with a pure heart.”


Not long ago, we reported about Tesla expanding its Supercharger network in China to the Mt. Everest base camp. While other fast-charging networks are also expanding significantly, Tesla's reach and choice of locations are arguably far beyond what any other company has achieved to date.

The newly opened Supercharger route in China runs from Zhoushan to Horgos. It has a storied history mostly thanks to connecting China's east to west, but in the past, it also allowed for trade with neighboring countries and extended into Europe. China has big plans for the future of Silk Road, and now Tesla is ahead of the game.

We've read some recent stories saying Tesla is in talks about sharing its Supercharger network with other EV makers in China. Who knows if and when it will pan out. It would be fantastic if other automakers opted to join the Tesla Supercharger network in the States, too.

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