We currently know that the upcoming Fisker Ocean electric SUV will be offered with multiple powertrains and an 80 kWh battery pack that should take it some 250 to 300 miles on one charge. However, now the CEO of Fisker, Henrik Fisker, took to Twitter to announce that the Ocean will have even better specs - over 400 kW (536 horsepower) from a two-motor setup.

His exact words were

More Power! We have drastically increased the power on the Fisker Ocean, including a silicon carbide inverter & a unique clutch! Which means u get both range & performance together! More details in Nov!

Silicon carbide inverters have several advantages over regular inverters - they are lighter and more efficient thanks to the use of silicon semiconductors that run cooler and therefore require less cooling. In an EV, they bring advantages such as range improvements, charging time reductions and even cost reductions too.

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Regarding the clutch that Fisker mentions, we don’t really know what that entails. Maybe the clutch will allow for the powertrain to be disconnected from the wheels and thus allow the Ocean to freewheel. This could have a positive effect on range too, although it is worth noting that in some situations, allowing for a bit of regenerative braking is the best solution as it puts electricity back into the battery.

When asked by a commenter how much much more range the Ocean will get, Henrik Fisker replied with a gif that said

A lot

It looks like we’re going to have to wait until November to find out all the details. The most recent development of the Fisker Ocean story has to do with the company signing a long-term agreement with Austria’s Magna, the firm that will actually build the Ocean SUV and possibly other subsequent new Fisker models.

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