The popular Munro Live channel (YouTube arm of Munro & Associates) would like to examine and present the latest Tesla Model S Plaid, however, each project is capital intensive.

The company is already working on a Ford Mustang Mach-E project, and has a few pickups on its shortlist including a Rivian R1T, two Tesla Cybertrucks and a Ford F-150 Lightning.

EV projects and cost of vehicles:

  • Ford Mustang Mach-E - $50,000 (in progress)
  • Rivian R1T - $75,000 (approved)
  • Tesla Cybertruck #1 - $70,000 (approved)
  • Tesla Cybertruck #2 - $70,000 (approved)
  • Tesla Model S Plaid - $130,000
  • Ford F-150 Lightning - intended

The cost of vehicles is just the beginning, as then the real expenses come in. A full teardown and analysis is estimated to cost $750,000.

This is why Munro Live's Sandy Munro asks for help to finance the car for the project that later will be presented on video in detail as in the case of other EVs (maybe even more detailed too, thank supporters).

The company announced Operation Bumper Sticker, in which enthusiasts of Tesla and the channel can buy Munro Live Sticker to fund Model S Plaid (here).

The price is $13 with free shipping (plus an optional $37 for Sandy Munro's signature, to a full $50 if one would like to contribute more).

"Munro is looking to crowd source the Model S plaid through the sale of Bumper stickers. We will mail you a nice 2inx10in sticker! (For international buyers, please consider ordering 2 stickers or the Signed version to offset international shipping.) 

We also have an option to "Support Munro" in our checkout area.



Simple math reveals that the company needs to sell about 10,000 units at $13 to buy the car.

Only time will tell whether the community around the channel is big enough to support such an ambitious project. For sure we are eager to see the Model S Plaid teardown and there are probably a lot of Tesla fans that will be willing to participate to hear more about their favorite manufacturer/EV.

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