If the new Tesla Model S Plaid wasn’t already crazy enough, then check out this custom job by Unplugged Performance. Snapped by The Kilowatts at the Laguna Seca racing circuit, this modified Model S took part in the Hypercar Invitational, an event with a self-explanatory name.

There are several things to note about this vehicle. Firstly, it was spotted on June 12 at Laguna Seca, but that only leaves a small two-day window for Unplugged Performance to have a chance to modify it (the delivery event took place on June 10). Secondly, we don’t believe it has any other modifications aside from wheels, tires and possibly brakes, as well as the obvious big aero add-on on the back were done to it.


It has also been lightened significantly - most of the interior has been removed and it only has one (racing) seat. The yoke remains, though, but without the airbag; we hope driver Randy Pobst recorded his impressions of the Plaid on circuit and how well he thinks the yoke works for a racing driver such as himself. Pobst will drive this very car up the Pikes Peak hillclimb that's set to take place on June 27.

The car also featured Gran Turismo stickers, hinting at the possibility that it could be introduced into the game. Right now, just the old Model S is featured, but something like this hardcore version by Unplugged Performance (which, by the way, is now officially endorsed by Tesla) would prove serious fun to virtually throw around.

Gallery: Tesla Model S Plaid Modified by Unplugged Performance

It may also have been brought to Laguna Seca for a photoshoot and we truly hope it was, because we want some photos of it in action, being driven hard around the track. We also wonder how much quicker the Plaid could become with most of its interior removed, as well as sticky racing slicks - let’s hope Unplugged releases some numbers because we’re very curious if it could match (or exceed) the performance numbers promised by the now-defunct Plaid Plus.

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