Audi has announced recently a new premium fast charging hub concept, that "addresses future peak demands and the lack of charging opportunities at home."

The main point is to offer exclusive reservations for fast charging so the EV driver would be sure that he/she will not have to wait. Well, that's a premium feature that obviously will require a premium price.

"The concept calls for high-power charging (HPC) stations that can be reserved in advance to provide a high level of planning security. A lounge area directly nearby will provide an attractive, premium place to pass the time."

The other elements of the hubs are not new - multiple 300 kW chargers, a lounge on top and a solution that's easy to transport and deploy, thanks to modular design and own battery energy storage system.

Audi Charging Hub Concept
Audi Charging Hub Concept

The pilot project will be deployed in the second half of this year in Germany to determine whether it's a good idea or not.

The pilot site will get 2.45 MWh energy storage (with 2nd life battery modules from disassembled development vehicles) and six fast-charging stalls (up to 300 kW each). There will be also a solar array on the roof.

Oliver Hoffmann, Member of the Board for Technical Development of Audi AG said:

"The charging hub embodies our aspiration for the electric era and highlights Audi’s commitment to ‘Vorsprung durch Technik.’ A flexible high-performing HPC charging park like this does not require much from the local electricity grid and uses a sustainable battery concept. Our customers benefit in numerous ways: from the ability to make exclusive reservations, a lounge area and short waiting times thanks to high-performance charging. This is consistent with the premium concept,”.

In our opinion, the reservation feature is interesting, and probably will be offered by some networks anyway, but rather for AC charging (destination sites).

In the case of fast charging, hopefully, the number of stalls and available power will be enough to meet peak demand.

"The findings about day-to-day operations and customer acceptance that are generated from this will be decisive for further implementation of the concept. “We are testing what the optimal technical solution is in a very realistic way. The focus in doing so is firmly on the needs of our customers,” Hoffmann adds. The plan for the pilot phase also calls for drivers of other brand cars to be able to use charging stations that are open and not reserved as well as parts of the lounge."

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