Was the compliment for no broken windows, or the Ford F-150 Lightning debut in general? Jokes aside, Tesla CEO Elon Musk took to Twitter today to send a pat on the back to Ford. He didn't specifically say anything about the Lightning, what he thinks of it, its price, specs, etc. However, he did type, "Congrats to @Ford for embracing an electric future!" 

The tweet was actually a reply to an article about the F-150 Lightning published by our friends over at CleanTechnica:


Not too long ago, Musk took to Twitter to congratulate Ford on being one of only two US automakers that haven't gone bankrupt. One could also see this Musk tweet as trolling GM and Chrysler. At any rate, Ford CEO Jim Farley quickly retweeted the message with one word, "Respect....".


Musk has said time and time again that one of Tesla's main goals is to get other brands to embrace electrification, and it's clearly working. And, he's even been so willing on some occasions to pat them on the back for their efforts.

Meanwhile, Ford has been poking Tesla for some time, and it also poked at Chevrolet this week. While Ford CEO Jim Farley hasn't been too harsh to Tesla too often, he has had a little fun at Tesla's expense for sure.


Don't get us wrong here. Musk has had his fair share of fun on Twitter, too, and some people would be very unwilling to call some of his antics "fun." He actually responded to an article about Farley's tweet with this:


We would be in error not to point out that Ford's North America Product Communications manager Mike Levine has certainly not been a stranger when it comes to going at Tesla and Elon Musk on Twitter. All you have to do is visit his Twitter account to see it for yourself. Here are just a few:


He also took a jab at Chevrolet last night, not long after the F-150 Lightning debut.


At any rate, it seems this is just the way the industry works. It's kind of like politics. Nonetheless, we'd like to join Elon Musk in congratulating Ford. Last night may have been the most pivotal moment for the future of electric vehicles.

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