Rivian has started its career in the best way possible. It only went public when it really had something to show. It got the backup of companies such as Amazon and Ford. Finally, it will start selling flagship vehicles to make money for developing smaller vehicles with a more inviting price tag. When it does that, could it ever sell an R2S? This is what the rendering artist @Theottle thinks it could look like.

The name is derived from Rivian’s current naming strategy. The R seems to stand for Rivian, the numbers may refer to the size of the vehicles (or their position in the lineup from top to bottom), and the final letters refer to the body type: S stands for SUV and T, for truck. So it would make sense to have an R2S in the near future.

Will Rivian Ever Sell A R2S? This Is What It Could Look Like

The smaller SUV would ride on the same platform as the R1S. Rivian never said if it is scalable, but that is probably the case. As we can see in the image below, the architecture seems to either have room for a larger battery pack or be reduced for smaller vehicles.

Will Rivian Ever Sell A R2S? This Is What It Could Look Like

RJ Scaringe already said he has plans to sell Rivian vehicles in China and Europe. SUVs are very popular in both these markets, which turns the R2S into the most likely vehicle to make these introductions when the time comes.

Considering Rivian’s vocation for off-road, we would not expect this future SUV to be powered just by its rear or front wheels. The independent air suspension would probably give room for a conventional one, which is much cheaper to produce. When it comes to making a profit with cars, every penny counts.

Now that we know how the smaller Rivian could look like, we may only wonder when the company will decide to take a step toward developing and selling it. From what we know about the company, it will only do so when it is very sure the market and the company are ready for it.

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