This is what Riviam Owners Forum pictures revealed in a Yakima tent discussion.

Pickup trucks and SUVs were once focused on off-road adventures and work before becoming soccer moms’ preferred replacement for minivans. Rivian’s goal with its first EVs is to recover that off-road vocation. Weirdly, the company had only mentioned its vehicles could get aftermarket winches so far, but Rivian Owners Forum pictures show they may also have the option of a built-in winch.

The picture showing Rivian’s winch came from a discussion about prototypes with a Yakima tent, another precious asset for camping in the wild. That was when people realized the equipment.

Leaked Rivian R1T Rooftop Tent

The main question in the discussion was how much Rivian would charge not only for the winch but also for the crossbars and the tent. Guesses varied from $2,000 to up to $4,000. Rivian accessories are not exactly cheap, as the $5,000 camping kitchen showed when its prices were revealed.

Offering a built-in winch makes perfect sense for Rivian. Not only because of what the vehicles are designed for doing but because they are electric. Regular winches probably do not have the same efficiency requirement EVs demand.

Apart from that, electric cars also weigh way more than combustion-engined vehicles dues to their battery packs. So a winch for them would have to be designed with that in mind to perform in the best way possible. We just wonder if Rivian developed it in-house or if it asked a reputable winch manufacturer to help it with that.

That’s something we should not take long to discover as deliveries approach. We may even have more details about that when the summer test-drives tour starts. They are supposed to happen in Rivian’s preferred habitat, which shows what the R1T and the R1S can do when they are away from asphalt and school parking lots.

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