The Electric Man changes things up in his latest video. This time, he visits a different Tesla showroom in the Toronto area for his almost weekly Tesla build quality inspection videos. If you haven't been following, this Tesla YouTuber started inspecting Teslas at his local showroom a few months ago. What started as a monthly inspection has turned into a weekly one. This time around he doesn't visit his usual Tesla Ashville location, instead, he checks out Model Ys at Tesla Vaughn.  

Unlike most of his quality check videos, he is very pleased with the batch of Ys he inspects this time around. I've never seen him so excited for tight panel gaps before. The most common issue he found again was the misalignment of the passenger side rear door. It's something that seems to plague most Teslas he inspects. It's a recurring issue that can be seen in most if not all his build quality videos. I'm curious as to why that is. If anyone has any ideas, please comment below. 

Keep in mind that The Electric Man is a Tesla owner and is doing this to help others who are about to take delivery of a Tesla and for those who are thinking of purchasing one. Commenters on his YouTube channel are usually very nice and supportive of what he is doing. This one commenter even gave him a heads up on a new batch of Teslas arriving at Tesla Ashville:

"There is a batch coming into Oakville somewhere between Sunday and Wednesday with 175XXX Vins."

Another commenter also noticed that the panel gaps in the area where the liftgate meets the body are better and mentioned something interesting about Tesla's price fluctuations and delivery time:

"The hatch panel gaps have really improved. It’s because of your QA videos that I waited to place our Model Y order. The MSRP has increased $2k since we placed our order at the end of February. They must be using a pricing algorithm similar to airlines, rental car companies, hotels, etc. When demand increases the MSRP increases. The current delivery time has now jumped up to 7-10 weeks for the Y. It was 2-5 when we placed our order almost 2-months ago."

That same commenter took delivery of his Telsa and noticed some issues that got resolved:

"We took delivery almost 2-weeks ago and we are loving every minute behind the wheel. On delivery we noticed the steering wheel cocked ever so slightly to the right ( 4 wheel alignment), frunk hood slightly low (adjusted bump stops) and the charging door not quite flush. My local Tesla service center had everything repaired quickly and professionally. They texted me a link for Uber credits to get home."

He probably knew what to look out for thanks to these videos. The Electric Man promises to keep making these videos. He is of course just inspecting a small number of Teslas in Canada, but it gives people a good idea of the type of exterior build quality issues Tesla vehicles could have. 

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