The Electric Man checks out another fresh batch of Tesla Model Y deliveries at his local Tesla showroom in Oakville, Canada, near Toronto. He's been doing this for a few months and seems to have made this into a bi-monthly update. You can see his previous one here. We don't know how he knows about new Model Y deliveries or if he's even allowed to film vehicles on the property like that, but he does it anyway.

He is of course only inspecting a small sample of Model Ys in Canada, so it's naturally not a good indicator of the overall build quality of all Model Ys. But it gives you a good idea of what to look out for if you take delivery of a Model Y soon. Also, many of these issues are fixed at the service center before customer delivery as one person in the video's comments explained:

"Funny, the first car you showed is mine. Picked it up last week. They must of fixed that driver side trunk panel gap because its not as bad as you showed, thankfully. Overall very happy with my car."

If for some reason the issues aren't fixed before delivery, notify the Tesla service center and they should have no problem adjusting anything you find.

As for interiors, he doesn't look at them because he doesn't have access, so he instead does a full exterior walk around and inspects panel gaps and door alignment. Many of the issues in this video and in the last one deal with the alignment of the passenger side doors. The alignment of the liftgate is another common one. 

If you like these almost weekly Tesla Model Y inspections, The Electric Man will make more as he states at the end of the video:

"Because I am going to make it a priority to continue to do these Model Y quality checks until you guys [Tesla] improve the vehicles."  

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