Continuing his overview of the 2021 Volkswagen ID.4, Munro Live's Sandy Munro checks out the suspension and undercarriage of the vehicle (the previous episodes were: first impressions and space under the hood).

According to Sandy Munro, from a structure standpoint, the ID.4 is overdone and some solutions appear to be expensive. This is not necessarily what was expected from an all-new Modular Electric Drive Toolkit (MEB) platform. There should be less stuff, he notes.

There is nothing special in terms of suspension or steering in the front (basic, mainstream solutions). In comparison to Tesla Model 3, which is more like a BMW.

In the rear, there are drum brakes, which in general is a good idea in an EV. However, a big surprise is two semi-solid forged links of the suspension (plus several simpler and cheaper ones). They are expensive. Tesla uses only several simple links. Sandy suggests that those two expensive elements were used because maybe someone made an undisclosed mistake (when designing the platform, we guess), and they have to be like that.

One more surprise is a painted electric motor - not a common sight.


The fourth episode is a visit to a DC fast charging station (Electrify America) in Novi, Michigan. Sandy Munro notes that the entire process is nowhere near as seamless as Tesla charging at Superchargers.

We can clearly tell from the video that he was struggling with most of the steps, including to see things on the display and payments.

This is not that much related to the Volkswagen ID.4 itself, but rather to general DC fast-charging networks. Hopefully, charging operators will do whatever possible to make the chargers reliable and easy to use with minimum interactions.

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