Let me start by saying that the above video is extremely technical, but the presenter, Dr. Know-it-all, does a good job explaining it in layman's terms.

The Stanford research paper he based the video on is called Three-dimensional imaging through scattering media based on confocal diffuse tomography. That sounds like something a laser scientist studies (they exist, I looked it up) but I could be wrong. The information in this paper is almost impossible to understand but by the end of the video, you will have a good idea of what it's talking about. If you can't watch the 15-minute video, I tried my best breaking it down for you below.

The Standford research paper basically says that by using a very fast pulsating laser and an ultra-sensitive diode, computers can create an image of something that's hidden behind something like fog. It creates the image by focusing the diode on the few photons that go through the obstruction and return. It's of course much more complicated than that, but that's the gist of it. The paper also says that this can be done in a reasonable amount of computing time. 

Now, the issue with Tesla is that the company refuses to use lidar, however, this technology can still be used without lasers but with the help of AI. Tesla can use its cameras and train AI to recreate the hidden object in the distance. It's similar to how some laser photons are able to go through the obstruction and return. The same can be done with a camera's vision but it requires an appropriate detector that picks up the returning photons from the camera. The presenter said it's like pseudo lidar that uses vision instead.  

Tesla can use this technology one day to see through fog or other weather, but it seems the company would need a unique detector for camera vision instead of lasers, and an AI system that can analyze the data and create images. 

The presenter explains how Andrej Karpathy, Tesla's AI Lead, is from Stanford and likely knows about the 6-month old research paper. Will Tesla be using some of this technology in its upcoming Full-Self Driving (FSD) Beta V9.0 system? Probably not, but if it does, you can bet Dr. Know-it-all will make a video about it. 

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