NSFW: The language and overall content of this video may not be considered safe for work or suitable for children. It's not violent, insulting, or offensive, but rather, some young guys engaging in a bit of silly fun.

We'll just warn you upfront that these guys are a bit crazy and the camera work can be dizzying at times. In addition, there's a whole lot more to the video than just the Subaru WRX STI racing the Tesla Model Y, and it's all pretty wild, to say the least.

With that said, you can scroll forward to the 5-minute mark to get into the racing footage. However, if you're up for some silly fun, start the video from the beginning. What better on Easter Sunday than watching someone bake a cookie with a fake "not-a-flamethrower," and a whole lot more goofy footage?

At any rate, a friend shows up in his modified Subaru WRX STI. It's yellow, loud, and seemingly slow like a turtle compared to the Tesla Model Y. However, the whole slow part turns out to be much worse than just being embarrassed by the Tesla's all-electric torque.

After the Model Y leaves the WRX in the dust, it becomes clear that there may have been a problem with the Subaru at launch. However, the WRX driver says he simply had a terrible launch, so he wants to run the race a second time.

Clearly, the WRX driver should have quit after being spanked the first time, because it only takes a shift into what appears to be second or third gear before the WRX is in big trouble. In fact, it won't shift at all after that. It seems the entire transmission is blown, or at least the third gear is out of commission.

We can only imagine there's nothing quite like losing to a Tesla in your modded sports car, but losing to a Tesla twice, and coming away from the race with a ruined car has got to be the worst. Check out the video for all the fun and games.

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