This hardcore Mustang fan isn't the first we've seen make the switch to a Tesla. He traded in the love of his life, a Mustang GT, for a . In summary, he simply believes Tesla's vehicles are way ahead of their time. Meanwhile, gassers like the Ford Mustang have been around for years.

While popular gas sports cars have definitely seen changes over the years, they're arguably not very notable, futuristic, or mind-blowing, at least in many cases (we should encourage him to check out the Ford Mustang Mach-E, though if he wanted a crossover, perhaps he would have bought the Tesla Model Y).

Vanta Performance says the Mustang is the best performance vehicle you can buy for the money. At about $30,000, the iconic pony has a lot to offer, and it's tried and true. Nonetheless, while this Tesla owner will probably have to deal with some criticism from friends and family, he says he loves the Model 3 Performance "way more." What's there to like?

Vanta Performance cites resale value, performance, environmental impact, tech improvements, and the fact that Tesla's vehicles are essentially new to the market, at least compared to something like the iconic Ford Mustang.

The Model 3 has better resale value than almost any other vehicle available today. In fact, it's hard to find a good deal on a used Model 3 for that reason. It stands to last a very long time with little maintenance. 

While the Mustang sounds nice and accelerates quickly, it's much easier to achieve consistent performance with an electric vehicle. To top it off, while you're achieving such performance, you're not burning gas (or tires for that matter). 

Most people know all about cars like the Ford Mustang, and for that reason, it's just another car. People are starting to learn about Teslas, but they're still very unique, they turn heads, and they're just starting to go more mainstream.

Tesla's technology isn't only cutting-edge, but it gets updated on a regular basis. The best part is these updates happen over the air, without having to visit a dealership. With a typical car, you'll have to decide to buy a new one once the tech becomes dated. Tesla's tech just improves on the fly.

Which gas car did you own before buying your first EV? Which EV did you buy? Scroll down to the comment section and share your story.

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