Tesla is already hiring for many positions related to battery cell production at its upcoming Gigafactory in Texas. The automaker plans to add some 50 news jobs in the battery field. Tesla plans to begin manufacturing the Model Y in Austin in the second half of 2021, likely followed by the Cybertuck and Semi.

We recently reported that Tesla CEO Elon Musk said the automaker may be too battery-cell constrained related to the Tesla Semi. He actually went so far as to say it could be next year before Tesla will be "ok" when it comes to batteries.


Some people took this as a statement that Tesla will not begin producing and delivering the all-electric Semi this year. However, that doesn't seem to be the case. In fact, we just reported that Tesla is planning to produce some five Semis per week at a temporary, low-volume facility in Sparks, Nevada, near its original Gigafactory. The reports came from sources familiar with the matter, so we still have to take the news lightly.

At any rate, once Tesla starts manufacturing the Semi and Cybertruck in Austin, we can only imagine that battery cells will quickly be in short supply. Tesla must first ramp-up its own in-house battery production facility at Giga Austin to assure success when it launches the Cybertuck and shifts the Semi to higher volume production.

Not all of the jobs are listed with the words "battery" or "cell," though many are. However, upon searching through Tesla's job listings, most of the positions are related to batteries. For example, there's a position titled Manufacturing Engineering Manager. The job description is as follows:

“The battery cell is a critical component in Tesla vehicles and storage systems. This role will have the opportunity to make meaningful contributions to our products. The work environment is demanding, fast-paced and incredibly exciting. You will push your limits, and work with talented teams in turning the unbelievable into reality. You will foster an environment where superior work is rewarded, and where individuals carry tremendous responsibility.”

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