In February 2021, the car market in Europe shrunk by about 20% year-over-year, but despite that, the plug-in car sales increased.

Over 115,800 new passenger plug-in cars were registered last month in Europe, according to EV Sales Blog, which is a healthy 66% more than a year ago. The market share is now really high - 14%.

An interesting thing is that the plug-in hybrids are now the majority of plug-ins, and they also are growing quickly.

Sales by type:

  • BEVs: over 50,200 (up 27% year-over-year) and 5.9% of the market
  • PHEVs: over 65,500 (up 117% year-over-year) and about 8.1% of the market

Plug-In Electric Car Sales In Europe – February 2021


After the first two months of 2021, some 228,600 passenger plug-in electric cars were registered in Europe. That's 14% of the total market (5.7% falls on BEVs).

The most popular models

The Tesla Model 3 was the top-selling electric model last month (5,506 registrations), for the first time since September 2020. After the slow January, Model 3 is now the third-best year-to-date (7,013 YTD), which means that demand for the best-selling Tesla is still very high.

The second best for the month was the Volkswagen ID.3 - 3,808 (6,780 YTD - 4th), which also is rebounding.

The third best is the Renault ZOE (3,620), which at the moment is the second overall (7,124 YTD), just behind the Volvo XC40 PHEV (2,740 and 7,147 YTD). The top position of the XC40 plug-in hybrid is actually a surprise and our guess, an anomaly. We expect BEVs to return to the top in March.

The 2021 race is just starting - we need a few months to get a clearer image of what sells well, as some models were affected by the late 2020 surge, self-registrations, and some (like Tesla) are also delivered in volume usually in the third month of a quarter.

Top 20 models for the month and YTD:

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