The Electric Man is known for posting build quality videos of the Model Y and Model 3. He frequents his local Tesla showroom and inspects fresh shipments of Teslas. He normally points out the number of panel gaps and bad door alignments. It’s good information for those who are taking delivery of a Tesla soon.

In this video, he changes things up and reviews something else besides Teslas, a Volvo XC40 Recharge. While reviewing the XC40 Recharge he compares it to a Model Y but doesn’t have one handy for a direct comparison. Although, there are a lot of similarities between his personal Model 3 and a Model Y. 

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At the end of the video, he explains that he loves the Volvo for its build quality, looks, ease of use, and power. Although, he admits that the Model Y has better technology and is more efficient, but still complains about the panel gaps as he inspects a Model Y at the Tesla showroom. He claims Volvo has better build quality and asks viewers to decide if that’s more important than “kilometers.” 

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No one likes seeing panel gaps and door alignment issues, but it’s not a good indicator of how the rest of the vehicle is built or how long one will last. What really counts is on the inside, something he doesn’t cover. There have been plenty of examples showing how durable and reliable Tesla battery packs and motors are. Also, Tesla's electronics and software are known to be some of the most advanced in the market

I have a hard time imagining an XC40 Recharge will last longer or be more reliable than a Tesla. Yes, Volvo has produced cars longer, but this is Volvo’s first EV so there’s a good chance it will have issues, and the company has a mixed reliability record over the past several years.

The Volvo XC40 Recharge is a good EV for many reasons, but when compared to a Model Y, it’s smaller, has less range, has an okay driver-assist system, doesn’t have the Tesla Supercharger network, has a fussy infotainment system, and its nice interior is dated. It beats the Model Y in looks (but that’s subjective), exterior build quality (in some cases), Apple CarPlay and Android Auto availability, and the Volvo is easy to drive and use because it’s much like its gas and hybrid counterparts. 

I would be okay with panel gaps and bad door alignments (things that can usually be adjusted) because I know I’m getting one of the most advanced EVs in the market.  

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