Sandy Munro and battery expert Mark Ellis explain E For Electric why Tesla's battery technology is so much better than the competition. Munro has a monthly segment on E For Electric called "Teardown with Sandy Munro" and this month's segment, which we bring to you today, is dedicated to Tesla's battery dominance. 

What's most interesting is that Munro and Ellis say that Tesla's battery cells aren't necessarily the advantage, it's Tesla's electronics. While that idea might not be too surprising to many that follow the electric vehicle industry closely, casual EV enthusiasts might not know that. 

Alex Guberman, E for Electric's host presses his guests about what makes Tesla so much more successful in the EV industry and both Munro and Ellis say that Tesla is the only company that's 100% committed to electric vehicles, and that makes a difference. Munro also goes a little into how Tesla's hiring process brought in so many highly-talented engineers. 

"They're serious. That's the difference between them and most everybody else" Sandy Munro on Tesla's success. "They haven't got a second chance"

Guberman then asks what they think about Tesla potentially making their own batteries, without the help of Panasonic. Ellis offers that Tesla has been working with Panasonic all along and has already learned from years of production and mistakes along the way. Ellis states that the research in lithium-ion batteries in the past eight years is probably more than what was done in the previous 80 years.

Munro then brings up Tesla's investment in Maxwell Technologies as an example of how Tesla stays ahead of everyone else in the industry. So check out the video and let us know what you think. Usually, I ask the readers to comment if they agree with the video, but honestly, should we really be questioning Munro & Associates on Tesla's tech? They're probably in a better position to comment on Tesla's tech than anybody, outside of the team at Freemont. 


Video Description via E For Electric on YouTube:

Sandy Munro along with his electric car battery expert discusses why Tesla's battery technology is so superior to the rest of the industry in his monthly segment the Teardown with Sandy Munro!

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