Lucid Motors today announced that they have stopped taking reservations for the Lucid Air Dream Edition, as the top-of-the-line launch model is officially sold out. 

Even so, hope is not completely lost for those that still wish to take delivery of an Air Dream Edition. That's because the startup EV manufacturer has established a waitlist for customers who are still interested. We suppose some of the reservation holders will cancel their orders before taking delivery, and the waitlist will be used to reassign those unused production slots.

More than 500 Dream Edition models will be made

Lucid has never officially announced just how many copies of the Dream Edition would be produced, and speculation has always been that number would be in the hundreds, not the thousands. 

However, InsideEVs has confirmed from inside sources that the number is "more than 500 units". We assume that means just slightly more than 500, so that's a cool $85,000,000 worth of orders for the Dream Edition alone; a good sign for the automaker. 

Lucid Air configurator
The Lucid Air configurator now displays "Join Waitlist" for the Dream Edition, where it once said "Reserve Now"

Lucid's Four Air Variants:

  • The Air Dream Edition: From $169,000 ($161,500 after the federal tax credit) *Now Sold Out
  • The Air Grand Touring: From $139,000 ($131,500 after the federal tax credit)
  • The Air Touring: From $95,000 ($87,500 after the federal tax credit)
  • The Air Pure: From $77,400 ($69,900 after the federal tax credit)

Lucid had originally planned to begin customer deliveries of Dream Edition vehicles this quarter, but recently announced it was delayed to the second half of the year, for quality control reasons. 

According to Peter Rawlinson, Lucid Motors CEO, “a lot of slack was cut” with the Tesla Model S because “the electric car was such a fun experience that people forgave the build quality issues.” However, Rawlinson does not believe that is the case anymore and said they need to be certain the Air is perfect at launch. Therefore, they pushed back the start of production a few months to iron out quality control. 

Customers interested in joining the Air Dream Edition waitlist, or who wish to place a reservation for one of the three other Air models, can do so on the Lucid Motors website. Reserving your Air Touring and Grand Touring models will require a $1,000 (refundable) deposit, while the deposit required for the base model, named the Air Pure only costs $300.

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