The final design of the Tesla Cybertruck will soon be shown, and it will likely look very similar to the current prototype but a little bit smaller. The electric truck sports a radical design that many love, and hate. But its unique shape makes for some neat and creative renderings like the six-wheel Cybertruck with solar panels and the two-door coupe Cybertruck

Tesla Cybertruck Render Dually and Bed Rack top view

The one we found today is a more toned down rendering that was posted on the Tesla Cybertruck Enthusiasts Facebook page by Landon Hillyard. It was originally posted on the Cybertruck Owners Club forum

To begin with, the artist made the Cybertruck into a dual-rear wheel (or dually) truck with widened rear fenders. Something that Tesla could offer down the line if the company decides to get into the heavy-duty truck game. The artist also added front and rear steel bumpers. Once the electric truck hits the market, you can bet aftermarket companies will develop all kinds of front and rear bumper accessories for the Cybertruck. 

Tesla Cybertruck Render Dually and Bed Rack rear

The coolest part of the rendering is of course that impressive looking bed rack with lighting. It’s a popular modification with some truck owners but I’ve never seen one in this shape before thanks to the pretty extreme angle of the Cybertruck’s bed. This is another accessory that aftermarket companies will be all over once the electric truck is available. 

A big bed rack will of course hurt the Cybertuck’s range, but that’s only an issue for some. What do you all think of the dually look and huge bed rack? Please comment below. 

If everything goes according to plan, Tesla will start deliveries of the Cybertruck late this year. Although, it won’t likely be that many because volume production won’t start until 2022 at the Giga Texas facility. 

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