GMC has released today a new video presenting its all-electric GMC Hummer EV pickup undergoing rigorous testing and validation in sub-zero conditions in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.

The company explains that the team put this "supertruck" through its paces on various slippery surfaces, including snow, ice, steep and split-mu grades.

"Key tests include integrating its powerful all-wheel drive torque distribution with the traction control system, as well as calibrating and testing the electronic stability control system."

The next chapter to be an SUV

Meanwhile, GMC is busy with the development of its second all-electric model, the SUV version of the Hummer EV. The SUV is being publicly revealed on Saturday, April 3, during the NCAA’s Final Four, which is less than four weeks from now.

It's great that GMC will spawn more EVs using the same platform to capitalize on the initial pickup project.


From the side, the SUV seems to remind us of the old conventional Hummer shape. Interestingly, there is a spare wheel in the back.

The new teaser reminds us also of the photo that we captured from GM's presentation in November 2020. The image below was probably very close to the final production version.

GM Reveals GMC Hummer Electric SUV In Recent Presentation

We guess that with all-wheel-drive and tons of other features, including Crab Mode, it should be one of the most capable electric vehicles.

The pickup is expected to be equipped with a huge battery pack of over 200 kWh, which translates to 350+ miles (563+ km) of range. The SUV version with the same pack in theory should have a similar range (the main difference will be the aerodynamics of the rear part of the vehicle).

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