This short and very random video was posted a little over two years ago. That’s why the Rivian R1T prototype truck is in a Ford F-150 body. Early Rivian R1T testing mules used F-150 bodies, and many were spotted in various locations. We reported on one charging in the Detroit area, an area that these prototypes frequented.  

What I don’t understand is why this race even took place, but I’m glad it did. The race happened at the Bundy Hill Off-Road Recreation park in Jerome, MI which is about an hour and a half from Detroit. I have a feeling Rivian engineers were out testing the Rivian F-150 prototype at the off-road park and felt like having a little fun with some ATVs. It must have been strange for the ATV drivers to race an electric truck prototype of all things. 

Rivian R1T prototype with F-150 body racing ATVs

The Rivian tester loses the race but would have won if it was longer. Still, it accelerated very quickly and it seemed to handle the bumpy track well. You can tell its all-wheel drive by looking at it launch and it was of course very silent as it raced past the camera. 

The person who posted the video on the OffRoadPatriot YouTube channel didn’t have much information on the R1T tester because he wasn’t allowed near it. This is what they put in the video’s description: 

I don't know much about the truck. Other than it being an Electric Prototype vehicle that may or may not be released in a few years. I'm not sure of the power the truck has or any other information as they were very reluctant with sharing any details and would not let anyone come within a few feet of the vehicle, which meant we couldn't look inside or underneath the truck.

Rivian has confirmed that deliveries of the R1T Launch Edition truck start in June. Although, it's already sold out. The Adventure ($75,000 starting price) and Explore ($67,500 starting price) models hit the production line later, with deliveries starting in January of 2022. 

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