Rivian's nationwide network of fast charging stations, named the Rivian Adventure Network, is expected to consist of 300 kW DC chargers and 11.5 kW AC charging points.

Today, we found on RivianForums.com, interesting images of specs and design of the chargers, which will be installed in strategic locations to enable long-distance travel to the top recreation places. In this particular case, those are the chargers for Salida, Colorado.

Rivian explains that the stations will enable replenishing up to 140 miles (225 km) of range in 20 minutes.

"The network pairs with your vehicle to help you get to your destination by automatically routing you through any needed charging stops along the way. Beyond our own network, we are also integrating with other nationwide CCS networks to ensure charging is always easily accessible — also available from your navigation." - Rivian

Let's take a closer look, starting with the DC chargers.

DC chargers

The DC chargers will consist of a separate power cabinet and individual DC dispensers with CCS Combo 1 plugs (SAE J1772 Combo).

The power output will be up to 300 kW (both peak and continuous). The output voltage is 200-920 V. The maximum current is 500 A, while the efficiency at full power is above 94% thanks to silicon carbide power electronics.

"Details of a Rivian Adventure Network (RAN) charger in Salida, Colorado from the city council meeting. Peak at 300kW with 200-920V output. As everyone mentioned, just because it can do it, doesn't mean it will. Grain of Salt.!"

Rivian Adventure Network (source: rivianforums.com)
Rivian Adventure Network (source: rivianforums.com)

AC charging points

The AC charging points will be simply 11.5 kW (48 A, 240 V) single-phase, SAE J1772.

Rivian Adventure Network (source: rivianforums.com)
Rivian Adventure Network (source: rivianforums.com)
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