We've seen the Rivian R1T electric pickup truck and R1S 3-row SUV out driving many times. Rivian has made no attempt to hide these vehicles. However, with that said, it's still sometimes difficult to gauge a vehicle's size based on videos and images, especially if there's nothing nearby to size it up to.

Early on, it seemed people had concerns about the size of these upcoming electric trucks. However, perhaps the biggest concerns were related to the R1T's bed size. At any rate, it has become clear that while Rivian's first two vehicles aren't quite as large as a full-size pickup truck or SUV, they're certainly not compact.

We recently shared a video of the Rivian R1T driving next to a Tesla Model X. The Rivian electric truck looked rather large next to the Tesla crossover.


Now, as you can see from the video at the top of the page and the image below, we get to see the R1S SUV followed by a Ram 1500. Again, it makes the Rivian vehicle look relatively large, though due to the perspective, and the Ram being the follower (further from the camera), the photo may mislead just a bit.

rivian r1s ram 1500

Fortunately, while the R1S is clearly waiting to make a left turn, several other vehicles pass by. It's sitting next to a parked Honda Civic, and there's a minivan to the rear, next to the Ram. While the comparison to the size of those vehicles isn't that helpful, the passing SUVs help paint a better picture. This is especially true since they end up right up next to the R1S.

The first appears to be an older Ford Escape, which is a compact SUV:

rivian r1s ford escape

Next, a GMC Terrain passes by. Again, a compact SUV, albeit a smidge longer and wider, but lower than the Escape:

rivian r1s gmc terrain

Finally, we get to see the R1S next to the mammoth Chevrolet Suburban. However, since the Suburban is larger, it blocks the R1S as it passes by, and the front end is beyond the camera's reach. The only decent shot you can see of the two together is when its rear-end lines up with the front of the R1S. Clearly, the Suburban is much bigger, as expected.

rivian r1t chevrolet suburban

Check out the very brief video and then leave us your observations and wisdom in the comment section below.

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