Remember way back when the Rivian R1T participated in the 2020 Rebelle Rally? It seems like it was so long ago, though it just happened in October 2020. The R1T was piloted by journalist Emme Hall and producer Rebecca Donaghe.

For those unaware, the Rebelle Rally is a rigorous multi-day off-road navigation excursion that's exclusively for women. There are no roads, and the participants can't rely on GPS. Instead, they go about the journey in old-school style, with just maps and a compass.

Rivian has gone to great lengths to put its "Electric Adventure Vehicles" to the test, not only to assure that they live up to the name, but also to prove to the world that these electric vehicles are highly capable. In fact, Rivian took its R1T on an epic 13,000-mile road trip – Long Way Up –from the tip of Patagonia in South American up to Los Angeles, California.

If that wasn't enough, the Rebelle Rally worked to show off the R1T electric pickup truck's capability and endurance on a different level. It runs for 10 days and covers some 2,000 kilometers (1,243 miles). So, not nearly 13,000 miles, but we're talking about dirt roads, mud, trails, deep ruts, dunes, and more, all in California and Nevada. 

Rivian has finally shared more about the event, with the video above as a perfect example. This comes after journalist Emme Hall provided a one-hour interview about the experience. She also wrote a detailed article explaining the event and her participation.

Essentially, two-person teams – a driver and a navigator – race through uncharted territory, using GPS checkpoints on their phones. The goal is to drive confidently and successfully navigate the area to come out ahead of competing teams.

Clearly, Rivian's vehicles are cut out for such excursions. In fact, its R1T was built with Overlanding in mind. Rivian also says it has plans to build out a charging network in remote, off-road areas. In fact, it did just that to make the "Long Way Up" journey possible.

In the past, Rivian mentioned a similar plan for locations like Joshua Tree and Yellowstone. If the automaker really wants people to take its electric trucks out on remote journeys, this will ensure that it's possible.

Check out the brief but fascinating video for all the details. Then, scroll down to the comment section and start a conversation.

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