Sergio Rodriguez shared some of his stories about EVs with us. One of them was famous: his Tesla Model X poured water from left the A-pillar when it passed through any puddles. Rodriguez’s video with that went viral. His new video would not surprise us to follow the same path: it brings information about what is probably the first coast-to-coast Ford Mustang Mach-E road trip.

Rodriguez still has a Tesla Model X, but it is not that one. He made a deal with the company and bought the one he shows in this video. He was also one of the first customers to get the Mach-E. That probably helped him compare the two electric SUVs with a lot more background.

Ford Mustang Mach-E Does Great In First Coast-To-Coast Road Trip

His road trip left from Murrieta, in California, towards the Atlantic Ocean, which put 2,466 miles on the clock. The Mach-E consumed 790 kWh in the road trip, which gives it an energy consumption of 3.1 miles per kWh.

Rodriguez also kept track of how much time he spent charging and the amount of money the trip cost him in electricity. Charging at the Electrify America network took 586 minutes, or a little less than 10 hours, and it cost the Mach-E owner $159.85.

Ford Mustang Mach-E Does Great In First Coast-To-Coast Road Trip

According to Rodriguez, range anxiety should not be a concern for people that do not have a Tesla. The Electrified America chargers were responsible for more than 90 percent of the charging. Still, the Mach-E owner said there were plenty more to choose from, such as “EVGo, ChargePoint, , Volta, and many more!” The highest charging speed he got was 159 kW. Rodriguez said that the Mach-E is rated at 150 kW but was able to pull a lot more.

As much as Rodriguez also likes the Model X, he said he misses many features the Mach-E offers, such as the 360 camera, a wireless charging pad, the hands-free trunk opener, and the ambient lighting that allows him to change the interior color. Another plus is the front camera with a washer.

Now that deliveries started, we’ll probably see a lot more road trips with the Mach-E. If you were to ask Rodriguez his opinion on whether to buy one or not, so far, he would definitely recommend it.

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